Sat 5th May | 2 - 6 pm

The Freedom of Letting go

with buddhist nun and resident teacher Kelsang Parchin

Discover how we can all enjoy a happier and more fulfilling life through learning how to let go of fears, anxieties or unhelpful habits of mind. In this course, Kelsang Parchin will explore how meditation enables everyone to recognize, reduce and let go of these unhelpful mental habits and painful emotions. In this way we learn how to access a sense of inner peace and happiness that we can maintain even when we are experiencing difficulties in our life.

Connecting to this natural peace and joy within our mind enables us to recognize and identify with our inner potential for happiness, inner strength and other good qualities that exist within each and everyone of us. Through learning how to actualize this potential, we will come to enjoy increasing freedom from inner problems of discouragement, depression, anger and so forth. Instead, we will find a deep and abiding peace of mind, happiness and freedom that cannot be disturbed by the inevitable challenges we meet in life.

This is a beginner course open to everyone. The course consists of three sessions each one hour long. The course will take place at Kadampa Meditation Centre Hamburg in Eppendorf. Click here for directions.

Everybody welcome!

Course fee - 25 €